Yankees' fans want A-Rod 'out of the way' following doping fiasco

New York, Aug 5 (ANI): Yankees fans have spoken against their star Alex Rodriguez, who is alleged to be guilty of using doping substances, and would like to see him take a long walk out of The Bronx for good.

According to the New York Post, the slugging third baseman may be hit with a long ban from baseball today, as Commissioner Bud Selig is expected to announce penalties to A-Rod and other players mixed up with a shady, steroid-linked Florida lab called Biogenesis.

Rather than mourn the loss of the high-paid superstar, many Yankees fans said they would love to be rid of him and his $29 million salary, the report said.

A driver said that he should be suspended for life while another fan said that the Yankees would be fine without him. (ANI)