Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 5

All right wise guys. Let's see if you can come up with a funny caption for this photo.

(Getty Images)

Is Zaheer Khan inspecting the pitch or is he hiding behind Sachin?

All you Smart Alecs out there, post your funny captions below and we'll republish the best ones with your name.

From all the amazing responses we received, we've picked the top five. They are (in random order):


MONEY  No Jelly Beans this time on the pitch

sudheer  Chennai, Tamil Nadu The world will bow to you this way when you score that 100th hundred

Dhruv  •  Bangalore, Karnataka  Zaheer to Sachin: Want to follows in your footsteps but can't seem to to find them because you seems to be , uh... let me see, wearing flats today.


deepak  •  Mumbai, Maharashtra  Sachin: There's too much grass on it..Zaheer: I shall eat away the grass then !!!!

Nittu  •  Mumbai, Maharashtra   Sachin sir your legs are more neatly shaved than this pitch.