Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 47

What did Dhoni say to Harbhajan?

Bhajji offered the skipper a chocolate bar at India’s training camp in Mumbai. How do you think he replied?

Post the wittiest caption you can come up with below and we'll republish the best ones with your name.


And some of the best responses are:

Shashank says -
Dhoni: Who gave this to you! Its only for Grade A players....

Dr Kasi says -
Dhoni: Grow up Kid, Concentrate on cricket

Kiran says -
Harbhajan Singh: Have a break; Have a Kit Kat
Dhoni: Get wickets or Get a break!!!!

Sankalp says -
Dhoni: I would prefer a wicket break than a kit-kat break.

Parthipan Chandrasekaran says -
Harbhajan: Take a Bite and put me in the Team.
Dhoni: Deal if you give the entire chocolate.

Mafu says -
MSD: Come up with something else, Bhajji:P