Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 41

Akila Dananjaya (L) and Brendon McCullum during the World Twenty20 Cup match at Pallekele.

Wise guys, you've been getting better and better at those funny captions. Here's another chance for you to show off.


And some of the best responses are:

Manan Wadhwa says -

McCullum: Why are you sweating so much kid when you know you can at best reach the final and NOT win it
Dananjaya: You are insipiration Sir as you always reach semi finals but cannot even reach final.

Guss says -

McCullum: Let me examine your arm real quick. We don't want another Sri Lankan spinner taking 800 wickets.

Sun S says -

Dananjaya: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Rohit says -

Akila to McCullum: I have u in my fanasty league team, better play well:P