Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 36

David Warner (2nd R) exchanges words with Mohammad Hafeez (2nd L) and Imran Nazir (R) during their first Twenty20 match in Dubai.

Sure they are not discussing the weather, what do you think Warner said to the Pakistan duo here? Post your funny ones in the comments section below and we'll republish the best ones with your name.


And some of the best responses are:

Steven says -

Warner; You guys haven't seen Shane Warne anywhere have you?

Rana Waleed says -

Hafeez: It is hot out here isn't it?
Warner: Don't change the tpic please, you just told me if I save a boundary you will give me chocolate!

FastYorker says -

Warner: dude its only 89 runs, can you finish it already so we can go back in a cool room,
Hafiz: you lucky Misbah is not playing

Jeesh says -

David: Hey guys why isn't Shahid Afridi here?
Hafeez: I think he wants to retire again
Nazir: Wouldn't suprise me again