Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 27

All right wise guys. Let's see if you can come up with a funny caption for this photo.

Kevin Pietersen's dream of helping England defend their World Twenty20 title appeared to have been dashed after he was left out of a provisional 30-man squad.

Think you have a better caption for this picture? Post your funny ones in the comments section below and we'll republish the best ones with your name.

Thanks for your comments. Here are the best ones:

Drew Shaw says -
Strauss to Bell: Can't believe you're still in the team Ian, you do realize you have to be born in South Africa in order to be eligible to play for England like the rest of us?

Nick says -
KP: I wonder how much Australia pay, they sure need some help.

Jags says -
Trott: So Bell, you are saying all i have to do is, rub the mud from bottom of my bat onto my bald spot and I will be able to get get my hair back?
Bell: Yep, It worked for me.
Strauss: Really, I want to try it too.

Buoyant says -
KP, tallest, sat on a wall, KP 'stepped down' & had a great fall.
All the English bosses & all of Strauss' men could not bring KP back to the team again.

Gurpreet Brar says -
I think they r gossiping about my funny announcement.