Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 22

Wise guys, you've been getting better and better at those funny captions. Here's another chance for you to show off.

What is Dwayne Bravo telling Kieron Pollard after getting him out?

Post your funny comments, wise guys, and we will republish the best ones.


Updated June 5, 2012.

Thanks for the comments. Here are a few that made the cut.

Pulkit‘s response is based on the Caribbeans’ undeniable ability to shake a leg: Hey Pollard, let me teach you my dance moves before you leave for home.

Conscience goes with his name and obviously has more on his mind than just big money and skimpily dressed cheerleaders:   Go and join the West Indies team against England, will join you later.

Praveen too knows that these temporary enemies are long-term teammates: Ok Pollard we will meet in West Indies net practice after IPL party.

Bala thinks the IPL has been accepted unequivocally by the fun-loving Windies: It would be better for us if they conduct the IPL every 6 months, feeling better playing in IPL than for our country. What about you?

Kamlesh spares a thought for the West Indian captain: We both are not in England, better you go and help Sammy. I have helped u leave early. Bye!