Yahoo! Cricket Caption Challenge - 21

Wise guys, you've been getting better and better at those funny captions. Here's another chance for you to show off.

Shah Rukh Khan has been on the receiving end of some bad press for his alleged behaviour at the Wankhede and now the MCA have banned him for five years. But what do you think little Suhana was saying to her Dad during the fracas?

Come up with the funniest caption you can think of and post it in the comments section below. We'll republish the best ones with your name.


Thanks for your comments!

Here are the selected ones.

Sudheer: Dad, don't let me play dad to you.

Rashi: Dad you're really the Bollywood 'bad' shah!

Ami Badiyani: Dad, just chant "OM SHANTI OM", 'Bade Bade Stadium Me Aise Chote Chote Brawls Hote Rehte Hain'!

Anil: Leave it papa, he is not Salman.

Hitesh: Let's have a strategic timeout papa

Abdul: Papa leave it. Your name is Khan and you are not terrorist.