Are you worker bee or night owl? Dating animal types revealed

London, June 7 (ANI): An online dating service has identified five main animal types we're likely to adopt when seeking a partner.

With help from psychologist David Holmes, has identified them by studying thousands of its member profiles - and each of them has been compared to a top celebrity.

He reckons that each beast of the mating game has common traits, according to the Daily Star.

One Direction's Harry Styles has been compared to a "Worker Bee".

They are most commonly found buzzing around big cities, their busy working lives are often found to be a drawback in dating.

They're addicted to their BlackBerries and attracted to one another, as they can share understanding of work pressures and programme their dating with precision, just as they do the work diary.

Comedian Brand has been compared to "man's best friend."

He's the adorable, excitable puppy that loves attention. These singletons have lots of friends, are very loyal to their group, but often struggle to leave the pack and make time for that one special person.

Cara Delevingne has been linked to a "Night Owl."

Common among students and 20- somethings. It's great to party, but burning the candle at both ends leaves them with no time for dating.

Meanwhile, Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews has been associated to a "Shark."

More common among male members, some singles are judged to be a bit too "cool" to settle down and often struggle to find someone they are happy with.

It is important for these people to flirt and play the numbers game online, so that when the dates happen, they matter.

And last no the least George Clooney has been compared to a "Picky Panda."

The perfectionists. With a little more commitment, help from friends and willingness to step out of their comfort zone, they might realise Mr or Mrs Perfect is out there after all. (ANI)


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