Women describing themselves as 'fat' when starting a diet less likely to gain benefits

London, January 1 (ANI): A majority of women believe a positive attitude is key to losing weight but over half use self critical words about their body when starting a diet, according to a study.

And heath experts say women who are planning to embark on a New Year diet could actually be setting up for failure by describing themselves as 'fat', 'heavy' or 'chubby.'

The research revealed that over two thirds of women use the word 'fat' to describe an area of their body.

And only a third of women actually start a diet believing they will lose weight and three quarters having daily negative thoughts about their body, the Daily Mail reported.

For women who are looking to lose weight, it is important to channel positive feelings about themselves and their goals as it gives them a much better chance of success, said Janet Thomson, who specialises in weight loss.

According to the research, four in ten said they also talked more negatively about their body when they were with friends with a quarter admitting these open 'flaw exposing' coffee shop conversations bring them down.

However four in ten women said they felt more motivated if a friend had lost weight or had a more positive attitude to their body.

The message is that the key to weight loss success is having a positive attitude and cutting out the fat talk, said Sophie Colling from myspecialk.co.uk, who carried out the research.

Using more positive language can make all the difference and can unlock the potential for a whole new outlook and attitude to life, she added.

According to her, almost half of women surveyed said words such as beautiful, gorgeous and sexy made them feel most positive about themselves and a quarter said being described, as a "real woman" made them feel good. (ANI)


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