Why people lie

Wellington February 4 (ANI): Almost everyone tells lies, says author Dan Ariely in his best-selling book The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty.

In his book, Ariely provides some of the answers about lying and why people keep doing it, according to Stuff.co.nz

One of the main reasons people tell lies is undoubtedly to get ahead.

Whether in our careers, while doing our taxes or playing sport - the ugly truth is that unethical behaviour is often seen as the way to conquer all.

But Ariely argues that we are also quick to believe our own lies.

This means that not only are we likely to be dishonest, we like lying to our very selves in the process.

According to Ariely's research, once we take credit for a task, we are more likely to believe we deserve that credit.

People are more likely to lie if others in their group are doing so, according to Ariely.

Hence, if infidelity won't be tolerated by your parents or friends, it's less likely you'll engage in the practice than if it is.

The same applies to the workplace, if a boss tolerates unethical behaviour it's more likely that people will bend the rules to advance. (ANI)


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