When Tendulkar nearly sacked Ganguly

New book reveals how Sachin nearly ended the wayward Ganguly's career during the 1997 West Indies tour.

Not a lot of good came for India out of the 1997 tour of the Caribbean where they lost the ODIs 1-3 having surrendered the Test series after a monumental collapse in Barbados.

Sachin Tendulkar was the Indian captain during this ill-fated phase for the team. A new book reveals that Tendulkar was so upset after the defeat, he threatened to throw Sourav Ganguly out of the team.

It's not for nothing that Ganguly, still in his early days in international cricket, was nicknamed Maharaja. He'd had poor returns from this trip and the previous one in South Africa, and he'd been light on his own fitness work-outs.

In the book, Sachin Tendulkar: The Man Cricket Loved Back, Ganguly writes:

My fault, actually. [...] Sachin was utterly dejected and very angry with us. To get him to think positive and stop beating himself and us up so much, I asked him to tell me what to do. Go for a run tomorrow morning.

It's a story to tell now, but when he found out that I had missed the morning run the next day, his face was almost purple with anger. He told me, in language that cannot be printed, that he was going to send me home and I should sort myself out because my career could be ending. The thought of being sent home was enough to light a fire under my shoes. I wouldn't have broken any records, never have, never will, but from the next morning, I was up and running.

Ganguly says Tendulkar was a better captain than what's revealed by his stats.

Sachin was a better captain than his results show and better than people make him out to be. He led on some very tough tours - South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Australia -- and it must be said he didn't lose eight in a row. This when he didn't have a very good team around him. The older players were fading and the newcomers were too raw.

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