Weekly Horoscope 2013: September 30 to October 6

weekly horoscopeweekly horoscope

This is a challenging week for you. In the early half of the week it should be possible to come to grips with the sort of jobs that are going to pay you more money. Your creative and original ideas will impress the people who are in a position to help you get them off the launching pad. This is also an ambitious and aspiring week for those working in media, broadcasting and communication. Your lucky numbers are 2 and 4 and winning colours are purple and pumpkin.

Taurus: This is an earnest and promising week for some of you. Recreational and sporting activities can be useful in the early days of week. This will also be favorable for communicating with people at a distance. You will be able to get on top of routine matter that you do not want to have to deal with later in the week. Loved ones will be available to you especially in the weekend. Your lucky numbers are 2 and 5 and winning colours silver and black.

Gemini: This is a mixed week for you. The early days are busy and somewhat difficult. Arguments within the home will be most upsetting for some of you. Loved ones could change their minds and may not make themselves available to see you. But during the second half of the week, you will be able to get out and about more. Your lucky numbers are 5 and 9 and winning colours are bright blue and deep red.

Cancer: This is a significant and considerable week for you. Try to make contacts with people who can be some use to you in your career. Mid-week is the right time for making a concerted effort to assure that some of your plans come true. This pertains especially to those that are directly related to your work prospects. Weekend should be useful for dealing with all sorts of correspondence. Your lucky numbers are 6and 4 and winning colours are sapphire and cerulean.

Leo: This is a manageable week. You may be fussing too much. Just because you want everyone to have a good time you could tend to overreact. Seek out the company of people with whom you are at ease. Try to avoid people who make you feel ill at ease. Do not go to formal functions where you would feel you had to be on your guard for most of the time. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 4 and winning colours are sapphire and cinnamon.

Virgo: This is a hopeful week for you a good deal of your time during the early days is likely to be taken up with correcting the errors that were made by other people. But it will have its advantages. Influential people will be made aware of your efforts and will be likely to reward you accordingly. But you will have some difficulty in adapting yourself to new working methods or procedures. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 9 and winning colours are green and mauve.

Libra: This is an enjoyable week. The early days is good time to push hard to get your propositions accepted by relatives. Your positive attitude will give close family members the confidence to follow your plans. Do what you can to make the future more secure. Expenditure is on the rise this week. The weekend is favorable for setting up home with loved ones. Your lucky numbers are 9 and 3 and winning colours are copper and bronze.

Scorpio: This is an important and considerable week. Early days are good for making attempts to get to know people better. This applies particularly to those who are in a position to do you some good outside of regular office or business hours. It may be possible for you to get some extra income at this time. Your lucky numbers are 4 and 7 and winning colours are beige and lilac.

Sagittarius: This is a rewarding week for you. You have been doing a lot of hard work throughout this month. But this week is quite relaxing and easygoing for you. You seem to have had a very energetic start to the month so try to get more rest while you can. Children’s company will be enjoyable in the weekend. It is a favorable week for romance as well as for arranging pleasure. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 5 and winning colours are sand and wheat.

Capricorn: This is a favorable week for you. During the first half of the week, you may be able to realise a tidy profit by buying or selling some property. It might be possible to sign leases or exchange contracts. Those of you who have been itching to move should be able to make the final arrangements by the end of the week. You will get the backing of loved ones for most of your original ideas for making money. Your lucky numbers are 6 and 2 and winning colours pink and off-white.

Aquarius: This is a lucky and providential week for you. You can count on the early days peaceful, easygoing. You have not had much opportunity recently to enjoy a quiet time with your nearest and dearest. In the second half of the week you are going to need all your energy to cope with the rather trying conditions at work. You will have your work cut out for you if you want to finish your duties on time. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 9 and winning colours are ultramarine and yellow.

Pisces: This is a sensitive and perceptible week. Legal settlement is quite likely to be granted in favor of you. You may not get quite as much money as you were hoping for from some agreements. During the second half of the week keep all of your dealings with business partners strictly open and above board. Do not let your colleagues feel that you are trying to put something over on them. Your lucky numbers are 3 and 6 and winning colours are orange and bright blue.

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