We are shocked by spot-fixing, but the IPL will go on: Srinivasan

The BCCI president and the team owner of the Chennai Super Kings, N Srinivasan expressed regret that three Indian cricketers, including a Test cricketer – S. Sreesanth – were at the centre of the spot-fixing unearthed on Thursday. [click for full coverage]

Srinivasan conducted a press conference this afternoon. He reiterated that the BCCI would punish the perpetrators to the highest extent allowed within their rules, and that the IPL would go on because a few “bad eggs” can’t sully the tournament and the game.

Excerpts from his statements:

-    I am shocked. The BCCI is shocked. I don't subscribe to the theory that it was not unexpected. We will see whatever is necessary will be done. One or two bad eggs here and there cannot sully the entire game.

-    There is a anti-corruption unit from the ICC in charge of the tournament.

-    We will definitely examine what further regulations can be done with player agents. As far as player access is concerned, the IPL follows the same code as international matches. At the same time, we will look at what more can be done to regulate this.

-    I don't think it is a case of players not having enough money. If at all you can call it greed.

-    We will take whatever steps are necessary for people to understand this is a very serious matter and you can get into a lot of trouble. But we must understand we are just the BCCI, we are a society. If there is a criminal act, police has to take steps.

-    We thought when we made an example last year, we thought the message was clear. But it is truly sad that this has happened.

-    One cannot assume that this will happen all the time. What can the BCCI do? We can put in place a massive education programme, which is already in place. We can engage professionals, which we have done. We have our own unit too. We are taking necessary preventive steps. If there are bad seeds, they are there. You can't paint everybody with a broad brush stroke. It is not fair.

-    We have no information other than that they have been arrested. We don't know exact charges. We haven’t seen the FIR.

-    Incidents have happened in the past too. Cricket has gone on. To make a sweeping statement that IPL is untenable, I don't agree.

-    I am also equally sad as are my colleagues that the name of a cricketer who has played Tests for India is involved. That doesn't mean whole of the game is corrupt. I do not agree that the IPL can't continue."

-    I hope nobody else is involved. If information comes to our attention, we will act immediately. We will be in dialogue with ICC anti-corruption unit too."

-    We have an anti-corruption code, we have an anti-doping code. But here people involved are Ranji Trophy players. One is a Test player. That is what is shocking.