Walsh feels beautiful by doing body basics

London, June 18 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Kimberley Walsh says that one doesn't need to "spend a fortune" on expensive beauty products "to look and feel great".

"Covering over the cracks with makeup and fake tan doesn't always make us look or feel better. I always feel more confident and beautiful by doing the body basics before I step out," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Walsh as saying.

"You don't need to spend a fortune on expensive beauty products to look and feel great. Everyday beauty basics such as Scholl, Clearasil, Veet, Optrex and E45 will help you glow from top to toe. I love using all the brands as part of my everyday beauty routine," she said.

Walsh feels a woman should always take care of her skin.

"Having fresh, clear looking skin requires a daily cleansing routine. I wash my face every morning and always remove any make-up before I go to bed," she said.

"My eyes look dull and tired when I travel or on tour and need brightening. Makeup isn't enough to make them look and feel great, I use a good moisturising eye spray ensures my eyes are fresh and revived throughout the day," she added.

The 31-year-old said she moisturises whole body before going out for red carpet events or with friends.

"No matter what I am wearing, I don't feel 'ready' until I've moisturised my whole body and it feels silky smooth. When I've moisturised and taken care of my skin, I'm ready for anything be it a photoshoot, walking the red carpet or hanging out with my friends," she said.

She went on: "Regardless of what clothes or make-up I'm wearing I don't feel right if underneath it all I've got dry skin and hairy legs. I still feel unkempt, I want to be groomed. I always feel confident when my skin is smooth and hair free after a wax."

She also added that a regular foot care routine is very important.

"With all the dancing I do I need to pay even more attention to my feet as they often take a battering. In fact, 'Strictly Come Dancing' did more damage to my feet than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro," she said adding: "With my job I'm lucky that I get to wear beautiful shoes but it means my feet need to look good too, a regular foot care routine is important for me as it's easy to forget about your feet, especially when they're hidden away."