'Vampire' skeletons found in Poland

Washington, July 13 (ANI): Archaeologists in Poland have found skeletons of victims accused of being vampires, with their heads removed and placed on their legs in the town of Gliwice.

This gruesome burial is evidence that the victim had been accused of being a vampire and had been subjected to an execution ritual, making sure that the undead stayed dead.

Sometimes, those accused of being vampires were simply decapitated, while others would be hung from a gibbet, until the head separating from the body, Fox News reported.

Then, the heads were placed on the legs to deter the so-called "creatures of the night" from rising from their graves.

Historians say that such practices were common amongst former pagan tribes, in the years following their conversion to Christianity.

Found during the construction of a road near Gliwice, the archaeologists were highly surprised, as they were used to finding remains of WWII soldiers - not vampire skeletons. (ANI)


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