Valentine special–Top Tips for a happy relationship

We bring you top tips to help you revive your relationship. Read on…

Healthy love lasts longer - Tips from counsellors for a happy relationshipHealthy love lasts longer - Tips from counsellors for a happy relationshipWith stressful and hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to handle relationships and often, you may find yourself throwing mental and emotional darts at your partner. Let the arguments and fights not put a damper on your valentine. Make up with these amazing tips for a healthy relationship and a superb valentine’s this year.

Weigh the pros and cons 

When teeny-tiny arguments arise, and they start molding into a huge fight, that’s when you need to stop and analyse - is the matter worth this? Weigh the pros and cons - what will you lose if you don’t argue? Is it big enough?

Most times, couples tend to fight over the smallest of things, even over the remote control of the TV. If you think that it’s the stress that’s getting the better of you, instead of fighting over the TV, give each other a nice massage.

Think twice 

Before you speak and act, think twice. Most of the time, we unknowingly display behavioural patterns that could cause unnecessary fights and arguments. Monitor your behaviour carefully, it can work wonders for your social relationships too. No one likes a hoarse pessimist you know.

Speak to your partner with love, show more affection. Say ‘I love you’ often, and remind him/her that you’ll always stand by no matter what.

Do more, expect less 

It’s the small gestures that keeps a relationship going, keeping it alive. This valentine, buy your partner something he/she really wants instead of booking something expensive that he/she won’t use anyway. Get something that can rekindle the fire in your relationship — like aromatherapy candles and oils (to get you in the mood) or book a skydiving class for some extra adventure.

Make time 

Relationships are all about bonding. If you barely have time to speak to each other throughout the day, it’s time to take matters seriously. Take out some time from your schedule and do something extra special for your partner. Decorate your bedroom or whip up a special meal. Show your partner that you care; it’s bound to bring a smile on his or her face.


Learn from your mistakes. Accept both, your and your partner’s faults and move on. Don’t keep fretting over old stories. No one’s perfect, but enhancing and focusing on the good qualities of each other is what will make a relationship last longer and happier.

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