US, Pak in process of concretising ties: White House official

Washington, Sept.24 (ANI): U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes has said that ties with Pakistan are being concretised to enable both governments to discuss and sort our their exisiting differences in a positive manner.

While stating that the Obama administration has agreed to work with the Sharif government, Rhodes further said: "Even as we have differences on some issues between the US and Pakistan, (we want) to make sure that the trajectory of the relationship is a positive one."

Rhodes asserted that President Barack Obama has had a "good set of discussions" on the telephone with Prime Minister Sharif, and added that there is a belief on both sides that the two governments can counter issues related to terrorism, economic growth and development inside Pakistan and also on regional stability.

Rhodes said their could be a meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Sharif on the sidelines of the U N General Assembly session in New York.

He also emphasised the importance of the India-Pakistan dialogue as well, stating that peace in South Asia will ensure necessary harmony.

On Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, Rhodes said: "The United States believes that a strong and positive relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan fills the interests of both countries and the United States as well." (ANI)