Unmukt may get away with bunking college

Alumni rallies behind India's U-19 captain.

NEW DELHI: India's U-19 World Cup winning captain, Unmukt Chand, has seen a sea of supporters from his alma mater St. Stephen's College rise up for his cause after the institution disllowed him from taking his annual exams on account of poor attendance.

Unmukt has been lent a hand by the Association of Old Stephanians, who have taken up the case on his behalf.

The Delhi lad had approached the Delhi High Court, citing cricket commitments, including the IPL, as his reason for cutting classes.

He had requested the High Court to ask his college to allow him to sit for the annual exam.

The Association of Old Stephanians on Monday said Unmukt’s case illustrated the archaic rules and wanted the colleges affiliated to Delhi University to be flexible for aspiring sportspersons.

Ashish Joshi, a representative of the Association, said, “Earlier, teachers would help sports quota students by taking separate tutorials or holding extra classes. The atmosphere in the college should be conducive for such students.”

“Unmukt had approached the college principal. He could have taken his case as an exception and allowed him to sit for the exam. However, the case was transferred to the university officials. They simply barred him. As a result, the cricketer had to approach the court,” he said.