'Topless' RiRi poses with snake for new photoshoot

London, Oct 26 (ANI): Rihanna went topless and picked up a snake for a portfolio of pictures taken to celebrate British GQ's 25th anniversary

Styled by artist Damien Hirst, the 25-year-old singer covers her face with her hands and shows off her black talon nails, in one of the pictures.

In another more revealing snap, the 'Umbrella' hitmaker stands shirtless while covering her boobs with her arms, as she holds the slithering snake which is resting on her shoulders, the Mirror reported.

Rihanna shared a picture of the shoot on Instagram.

The singer is portrayed as Greek mythological character, Medusa, who was known for having a hideous female face with living venomous snakes for hair. (ANI)


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