Top tips to survive celebrations during pregnancy

Pregnancy and party food

Finger buffets can pose a risk to pregnant women as certain foods may have been out of the fridge for longer than an hour. If this is the case, stick to the non-fresh items or check with the host. Avoid the soft cheeses, pate, oysters, raw and smoked fish, raw and processed meats and sushi, and if it’s Christmas, avoid the eggnog. It’s a good idea to fill up on a protein-based meal before heading out to the party to keep your energy levels up and to avoid relying on the potentially non pregnancy-friendly food.     

Food and drink quantities

There’s a habit to indulge at parties and fill your boots, so to speak. With so much delicious food and drink on offer the temptation is to overeat and give into your cravings. As a pregnant woman, you’ll be more prone to getting heartburn and feeling nauseous, so limit your portion sizes and take your time when you’re eating – sitting down if possible. Don’t feel the need to keep up with everyone else’s drinking pace either, as you’ll be heading to the loo for the majority of the occasion instead of socialising.

Comfortable clothing

The enticement of an invitation can make you want to go on a shopping spree for a new outfit – which is great, but just be careful what you choose. You want to look your best, of course, but no one will expect you to turn up looking the belle of the ball. Ditch the sparkly heels and opt for low wedges or cute ballet pumps instead – we’ve all winced over the years when we’ve seen Victoria Beckham tottering around in six inch heels carrying her tots. Opt for layers too so that you can adjust as necessary at the venue.

Early bird

No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re at, you’ll most likely get tired very easily and need regular rests. Don’t be shy to ask for a seat at the party or feel rude if you want to head home earlier than the other guests. Sometimes the thought of your slippers and a mug of herbal tea in bed is too much to resist during pregnancy, so be true to yourself and respond to what your body needs.

Before you’ve spread the news

If you’ve been invited to an occasion during the early stages of your pregnancy and you haven’t yet told others you’re expecting, you can blend in by bringing alcohol-free beverages with you. You can buy a bubbly-esque fizzy grape drink which you even pop a cork to open – how realistic? Or how about a believable bottle of Merlot grape juice, which is full of nutrients yet deceivingly similar to red wine? If you’re celebrating in a bar or restaurant you can order a mocktail. There is so much choice when it comes to these virgin drinks, but they look just like the real thing. How do you think Kate Middleton managed at all of those royal events during the early stages of pregnancy?

Smoking area

Hopefully none of the other guests will be smoking, but as with most social events it’s inevitable that there will be at least one smoker. There should be a designated smoking area (preferably outside) so of course stay well clear of there. However, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or rude to ask someone who is smoking indoors to take it outside. Passive smoking can still increase risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke among other fatal illnesses, not to mention miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or premature birth. Even second hand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, so don’t risk it for the sake of feeling impolite.

Emergency supplies

Just like when your baby is born, you need an emergency kit during pregnancy too. It’s a good job that large clutch and shoulder bags are fashionable as you can happily fill them with some pregnancy essentials. Take some snacks to the party such as breadsticks, nuts and dried apricots or some carrot sticks if you plan on eating them within an hour or two. Pack some sanitary towels and feminine wipes just in case, some body wipes and deodorant in the event of a hot flush and some gel cushions for your feet for when you feel the burn.

And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

You’re only pregnant for a relatively short period of time so enjoy going to events and occasions during these nine months. You’ll no doubt receive lots of attention and plenty of people will want to talk to you about the exciting news, plus they’ll hopefully be at your beck and call. Revel in it while you can because you deserve all of this positive attention.



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