Top five things to do in Munich

Munich – Germany’s wealthy, sophisticated city, with a fabulous backdrop of the snow capped Alps.

Travel guide to Munich

Munich – Germany’s wealthy, sophisticated city, with a fabulous backdrop of the snow capped Alps. Famed for its annual beer festival Oktoberfest, but there is more to Munich than beer guzzling.
Munich’s charm is its ability to be cosmopolitan and high-tech whilst at the same time having a rustic town like charm. Visit in summer to make the best of the municipal parks or winter for the Christmas Markets.
Englischer Garten (English Garden)
Not really a garden as such but Europe’s biggest Municipal Park. With sights to explore such as the Greek Temple, Chinese Pagoda, Japanese Tea House, a river and lake, endless cycle paths and a great selection of Beer gardens - why would you not pay a visit? Hot sunny days bring out the locals who prefer to sunbathe au-naturelle with many a tourist happy to join them!

A view of the Oktoberfest beer festival. The fair is held every year at the Theresienwiese, a 4,500,000 sq feet field south of the Munich city centre.
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Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall)
This is one of Munich’s best know landmarks, and as you can imagine a popular place to visit in the city. There is a viewing point on the 9th floor, which can be reached by a lift. It is a fine example of Gothic architecture to be appreciated from afar or explored up close.

Pinakothek der Moderne (Gallery of Contemporary Art)
This massive museum features four collections; art, design, architecture and works on paper. The building in itself is interesting taking seven years to construct, it can be {% trans "recognised" %} by its concrete rectilinear façade. It is the largest museum to be built in Bavaria since the end of the war.
You can actually skate on the Olympic ice rink and swim in the Olympic pool. The 287m high Olympic Tower boasts a stunning view of the city, here you will also find the obligatory overpriced rotating restaurant. Pick from a selection of tours like the one that takes you inside the athlete's building, their locker rooms and showers, the stadium and down to the stadium field.  You will also find the massive entertainment {% trans "centre" %}, Olympiahalle, featuring massive international concerts, dance performances, sporting events and collectors' road-shows.
This Square is the heart of the city and brings tourists time after time to soak up the atmosphere and marvel at the Gothic façade of the New Town Hall. Try and be around at 11am or 5pm to catch the show from the Town Hall Bell Tower, accompanied by a glockenspiel depicting a medieval dance and the wedding of Duke William V and Renata von Lothringen. This is also the perfect place to take a break and sample true Bavarian beer in one of the many establishments dotted around the square.
Where to stay in Munich
You will find the most expensive area to stay is in the city {% trans "centre" %} due to the luxury hotels and easy access to all the major attractions. Many hostels are also found centrally and are of a good standard. Head for the traditional Lehel area if you are looking for hotels with heaps of character. If you are staying in Munich during any of the major festivals such as Oktoberfest then be sure to book well in advance and expect to pay more than outside of these events.
Where to eat and drink in Munich
The inner city areas of Altstadt, Schwabing, Maxvorstadt and Isarvorstadtare where you will find most of the good eateries. Leopoldstraße is lined with fashionable bars, restaurants, cinemas and shops; this is the place to be seen in Munich. Schwabing has been Munich’s premier entertainment district for some time; here you will find a great choice of {% trans "theatres" %}, bars, cinemas and pubs. Munich, quite surprisingly, has a great deal of multicultural cuisine so if you tire of the hearty traditional Bavarian fare there is plenty of other options available.
How to get around Munich
Walking is made easy by the central pedestrian zone from the Hauptbahnhof to Marienplatz. If you need the aid of a motor you will find Munich’s transport system a whiz. The underground will get you everywhere you need to go with different ticket options such as the Stripe Ticket which will take you on a multi stop trip in one direction or the Day Tickets with multi use all day. These can be purchased from ticket vending machines at stations, including one at the airport if you’re really {% trans "organised" %}.
The best time to visit Munich
If beer’s your thing head for Munich’s autumnal celebration of the brown stuff in September. The weather is at its finest between May and September, bringing tourists in their droves between these periods. Spring makes a lovely time for a visit when it is less crowded and the sun still shines. A winter visit is not out of the question if you can handle the below zero temperatures.
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