Top 5 tips for the perfect baby shower

Keep it simple  

The essence of a baby shower is to rejoice in the happy news of your pregnancy with your female friends and family, so keep the focus on that. Don’t get het up trying to make it resemble a 30th birthday bash or engagement party; after all, you’re carrying a child so the less stress and the shorter your ‘to do’ list, the better. That means minimal decorations, finger food instead of a sit-down meal and delegate, delegate, delegate! If you can’t be bossy when you’re pregnant then when can you be? Why not prepare food in advance and freeze it, or treat yourself to a prepared buffet delivery service? Throw down piles of cushions as extra seating and leave jugs of juice or bottles of wine in the kitchen for guests to help themselves.

Fun and quirky elements

Perhaps unlike a birthday or wedding where you might want to achieve a more elegant and sophisticated look, a baby shower opens up the opportunity to be a little more creative. You can use the theme of pink or blue if you know what sex your baby is, or use the detail of a stork, cherubs or baby animals such as ducklings or lambs as decoration. Baby showers are big business now so there’s tons of choice when it comes to balloons, bunting, paper plates, banners – the list goes on! You could even have bottle shaped ice cubes, a cake iced with baby footprints or an indoor washing line hung with tiny socks, bibs or babygrows.

Fun and games

Baby showers are all about the games you can enjoy with your best friends, sisters, mother, aunties, mother-in-law and whoever else you have invited! It’s about creating a happy memory while you’re enjoying being pregnant as it won’t last forever. Here are our top three baby shower game ideas:

Guess the baby

Request that each of your guests brings a photograph of themselves as a baby and then attach them all with pegs and a number to a piece of string hung across a wall. Everyone is given a piece of paper with the numbers written down the side and they are to write down which photograph they think belongs to which guest. The answers are then revealed which may result in a few red faces!

Pin the dummy on the baby

Like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, this game works in just the same way. Print out a large picture of a cartoon baby across four A4 pieces of paper, tape them together and fix on the wall or a door. Then print out enough dummies for your guests which you then need to cut out. Blindfold each guest when it’s their turn and give them an adhesive paper dummy to apply to the baby’s mouth – after a few spins first, of course

Dirty nappies

This one isn’t for the straight-laced people among you! Buy a pack of nappies and five to ten different chocolate bars, for example, Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Maltesers. Melt each product separately and spread each melted mixture into a separate (clean!) nappy. Pass these off-putting articles around the room for each guest to smell and make a guess of what chocolate it is. You’ll get a lot of ‘yucks!’ and disapproving expressions but that’s all part of the fun – you’ve got to get used to the sight of a dirty nappy if you’re having a baby!

Choose a theme

You may be put off by the thought of having a theme for your baby shower, when in fact this could make the occasion easier to plan. If every element is unified then the planning process becomes much quicker. For example, choose a popular children’s rhyme or story as the theme, such as Little Bow Peep or Humpty Dumpty, or the theme of mother goose, Noah’s Ark or something as simple as the alphabet. A more ladylike theme could be English afternoon tea, where you could serve tea and scones and decorate your living room with bunting and vases of fresh flowers. Alternatively, how about a French countryside theme with jam jars filled with lavender sprigs, pastel-coloured macaroons and the word ‘bébé’ written on the invitations and napkins. 

Sit back and relax

The last thing your guests want is for you to be stressed. It’s not good for you, it’s not good for baby and it’s not much fun for your guests either. Remember that nothing is perfect so if something doesn’t go quite how you imagined on the day of your shower then let it go. Your friends don’t expect to be wined and dined so don’t try to be a hostess – they’ve come to share a memory with you, not be waited on. Allow people to help out by bringing food or clearing up afterwards. Most importantly, just try to be in the moment and enjoy yourself while you haven’t got any distractions. It won’t be long before you’ve got a little person to steal your attention, so enjoy this fun adult company while you have the opportunity.



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