Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Dress

So, your engagement is coming up and you are cluesless about what to wear and what not to wear. Well, with so many options available in the market, this confusion is obvious. Engagement is the beginning of your new eternal journey and your first ceremonial step as the bride-to-be, which is why you need to look special on this day. And a perfect dress will give you that look. Here are few tips that will help you to decide what kind of outfit to select for your engagement and look dazzling on the occasion.

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Explore new trends

Never buy your dress in a hurry. You need to explore the market to know about the latest trends. Lehenga sari, lehenga-choli, full length anarkali suits, and gowns are in vogue these days. Try on the different styles to see what goes best with your look and taste. Only after you are completely satisfied with the dress, go ahead and make it yours.

Image - Rishabh Sood Photography and Mahima Bhatia Photography

Careful with colours

It is important to choose the right colour for your dress. It is always preferable to go for light coloured dresses in cream or pastel colours. Soft colours such as pink, baby blue or peach give out pure and innocent vibes. Dark colours should be kept at bay for the wedding day. Also, keep the time of your ceremony in mind while purchasing your attire, as it will help you to decide further.

Image - Anshum M Photography

Break the monotony

These days the market is flooded with variety of patterns and designs, so be careful while selecting your outfit. If you are looking for something different then you can try double shaded, contrast or multi coloured outfits. Such types of pattern will break the uniformity of your attire and will also give you a fresh look. Make sure the colour combination of the outfit is soothing and the colours should complement each other and you, as well.

Image - Varija Bajaj

Get the right look

After deciding your dress, ask your stylist what kind of hairdo and make-up will go with your dress, as every outfit calls for a different hairdo and make-up. After deciding on the look, ask for a trial session for both to see whether it suits you or not and also whether you are comfortable in it or not. Make sure that your make-up is water proof and natural. Extra whiteness does not look too good in the photographs. As far as the accessories go, keep them as simple and minimalistic as possible.

Image - Rishabh Sood  Photography

Say hello to heels

Avoid wearing flats with your engagement dress; opt for mid or high heels as they will give you a good height. If you are wearing heels for the first time then it is better to walk in them, as much as possible, before the occasion. Just make sure you are comfortable and confident in the heels. If you are uncomfortable in those heels then it will reflect in your walk which might look awkward in the recording. So, keep your chin up and walk with oodles of confidence.

Image - KateDreyer Photography


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