Top 5 Things that Turn Men Off in Bed

For men, physical intimacy is one of the biggest ways to bond with their partner. Sure enough men enjoy making love, but that does not mean that everything you do in bed turns them on. It is not easy for a man to point out his partner’s faults in bed. They are either being considerate about your feelings or feeling scared as it might put them in your bad books. So, let us tell you about 5 things that might turn off your man’s mood in bed.

1. You faking it in bed!

It is one thing to motivate your man during intercourse and a completely different thing to fake a loud show of physical exhilaration. Men are aware about their performance in bed and its effect on you. So when you put up extra efforts while love making, he can detect the unreal behaviour. This really demotivates and spoils his mood in bed.

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2. Making love when not in mood

Men don’t only love having fun under the sheets but they also see it as their responsibility to pleasure you and if they don’t succeed in it they consider it a personal failure. So ladies, spare yourself and your man the burden and don’t have intercourse if you are really not enjoying it or not in mood for it. Talk to your partner and find some other ways to enjoy your time together.

3. When women act like little girls

This is one of the most common things that turn them off. A few common mood bumps for men are speaking childishly, purposely misreading gestures, running off when things start to get heated, or getting sentimental before sex. Not only do men lose their patience, they might also get irritated with you. So grow up and take charge. Your man wouldn’t mind if you even decide to take the reins of love making under your command. After all everyone needs a little action.

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4. Fruity aromatic scents

Excess makeup, complicated hair styling, and perfume will not always be good weapons of choice while trying to to excite your man in bed. Not every man gets turned on by your perfume or scented candles or essential oils; some might even find it irritating and nauseating. So, no need to go overboard with filling every nook and corner of your room with flowers and candles to excite his senses. If you are in a good mood then his senses will get uplifted without any extra efforts.

5. Too much talk

Constantly finding fault with your man, talking about your past relationships, or taking your ex-boyfriend’s name - all these things will surely stifle your chemistry in the bedroom. If you are talking constant or not making eye contact or narrating a story while making love, then it will give your man an impression that you are actually more interested in other things than making love to him.

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So, now you can see what you are doing wrong and what is turning off your man. Take them as friendly advice ladies, to spice up your love making.


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