Top 5 most famous swearing incidents involving English football teams

Author : KC

For those of you who are not particularly into Championship football, Paul Ince, the Blackpool manager, was banned for 5 games following a string of expletives and shoving that were directed against the fourth official in last month’s match against Bournemouth. Following this, we thought we could look into 5 such famous incidents where the protagonists were caught swearing, albeit on camera. Tell us if we have missed any events in the comments section below!

Sir Alex Ferguson and the f***ing balloon

When you are sitting beside Sir Alex Ferguson, you don’t make loud noises, period! Having already seen how balloons can ruin football matches, Fergie’s assistant Mike Phelan, upon spotting matters a balloon lurking in front of him, decided to take matters into his own hands. He picked up the balloon, and proceeded to burst it under his leg. In spite of his good intentions though, he still got a mini hair dryer treatment from Fergie (though it was only one swear word)! Of course, all of it was in good humour. Watch the video below:

Wayne Rooney and the f***ing camera

Scoring a hattrick in football is definitely cause for passionate celebrations. Jumping on your teammates or pumping your fist towards the fans is a perfectly acceptable way to do it. But swearing into the camera is a definite no-no! And Wayne Rooney found that out the hard way. He had just finished scoring a hattrick against West Ham and decided to show up his detractors who had been baying for his blood by looking them in the eye – well, at least through the camera – and then swearing. He got a two match ban for his trouble. We sympathise with Rooney, though. After all, all he said was one word, over and over again. A word, almost everyone, children included, were certainly aware of!

Harry Redknapp and the f***ing reporter

Harry Redknapp, as much known for his twitching, is also known to be a wheeler-dealer in the transfer market. But clearly, it is not a name that he likes, especially after becoming the manager of a “big club” like Tottenham Hotspur. Unfortunately, though, the reporter didn’t think he would be so agitated when he asked him a question after qualifying him as a wheeler-dealer! Watch the reaction below!

Harry Redknapp and the f***ing reserve player

Reserve players try their best to get the attention of the manager. But most try to do so by playing well in reserve games and by showing what they can do in the training ground. But one reserve player perhaps was not successful in getting ‘Arry’s attention, which is why he hit him while Redknapp was giving an interview. Watch the epic reaction here!

Didier Drogba and the f***ing referee

We all know how Barcelona are heavily favoured by referees, and that most decisions go their way. But when Chelsea played Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals, the referee gave some very bizarre decisions, which, in the end, left Chelsea getting knocked out of the tournament. Didier Drogba was infuriated with the referee, especially as a couple of close calls in penalty decisions didn’t go his way. After the game, he went on a rant – watch it here!


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