Top 10 baby keepsakes

Baby’s first shoes

Oh how tiny! Your baby’s first booties and shoes are must-keeps. Nothing can seem as dainty and precious as a baby’s first pair of shoes. If you wanted to be creative and create a memory frame of your baby’s keepsakes, first shoes would be a great element, along with photographs, a baby rattle and mittens.

‘Coming home’ clothes

You will want to remember that special moment when you bring your baby home from the hospital and welcome them into your home. The outfit you dress your baby in for this occasion should be cherished as it is a significant time in the baby’s life. Newborn clothes are so adorably small and will remind you of holding your newborn in your arms.  

Hospital wristband

Filled in with your baby’s name and their date of birth, this keepsake is a reminder of the special day your little one came into the world. It’s a reminder of just how small your baby’s wrists were. Items such as this are interesting for your child to look at when they’re school-age, as they can begin to understand their beginning. 

First birthday cards

If you only keep a couple of birthday cards from your son or daughter’s childhood, make it their first birthday cards. A baby’s first birthday is one to remember, especially as the first year of their life will seem to fly by. Keep these cards as a memento of all those people who were in your life on your child’s first birthday.

Every photo

In years to come, you will regret getting rid of any baby photos you had, or not looking after them properly. Be snap happy around your newborn and during their first few months, take plenty of pictures of them being held for the first time by all of your nearest and dearest.

Foot and handprints

Making prints or imprints of your baby’s teeny tiny hands and feet will be a reminder of just how small they started out life as. Make sure you use non-toxic paint that’s delicate on baby skin and another tip is to get the prints while baby is asleep – some parents’ experiences led them to choose this option as their baby would close their hands before touching the paper!

First teddy bear

Little ones are likely to own a fair few teddy bears throughout their childhood, but nothing quite compares to that very first snuggly friend. This will be the bear given to your baby from a close relative or by the parents, and will most probably feature in the newborn photographs, nestled next to the baby in the hospital crib.

Record book

It’s a good idea to keep a record of the development of your baby in a scrapbook style way, with snippets and scrawls to show what your baby has been up to. Keeping track of the dates of events such as the baby’s first word or their first laugh is interesting to look back on in years to come as these details can easily be forgotten.

Baby scan

They may be small and not look exactly like a baby, but your baby scans are irreplaceable and priceless. Keeping your first scans to look back on in years to come will bring back that fluttery butterfly feeling you experienced when you first looked at it.

Baby blanket

Baby blankets are often given as a gift when the baby is born, perhaps brought to the hospital by the baby’s grandparents on their first visit. This is what will keep the baby snug when they’re in their pram, with passers-by oohing in adoration. Using the same baby blanket for all of your children is a sentimental idea, especially if you get it embroidered with each child’s name as they’re born. 



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