Tips to get rid of body odour!

To sweat is natural and even healthy. However, nobody wants to go around with a pungent body odour throughout the day! Let’s learn a few home remedies that can leave you smelling fresh and sweet!

Tips to get rid of body odour!Tips to get rid of body odour!Did you know that sweating does not cause body odour? Yes, it’s not the perspiration that leads to the odour, but the bacteria that get accumulated on the skin that releases chemicals that smell unpleasant. And if you think using deodorants helps mask these smells, then you are wrong! Deodorant only worsens the situation as it contains various chemicals that are toxic. So, if you want to continue to smell like a rose, resort to the age-old home remedies.

Take a shower

The best way to eliminate body odour is to take a shower every day – twice if necessary with soap and water. Clean your armpits and groin area to remove the accumulated sweat and bacteria. Use an antibacterial soap if you sweat profusely.

Change clothes every day

Once you shower, do not go back to wearing the smelly, sweaty clothes. Change your underwear and socks every day because it is there that most of the sweat gets absorbed by these garments releasing foul smells.

Let the air in

Choose the right kind of clothes during summer. If your clothes are too tight, all the moisture from your sweating will get soaked by your garment, leaving you smelling foul all day. So, choose loose-fitting clothes which are not just lightweight but also absorb sweat. This will stop the bacteria from growing and keep your skin dry.

Home-made deodorant

You can make a home-made deodorant with radish and glycerine. Take about two dozen radishes, add about ¼ spoon of glycerine to it and mix well. Pour the mixture into a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. This mixture can be applied to your armpits, legs and neck to eliminate body odour.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Mix two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with eight glasses of water and wash your armpits. This is an effective way to control sweating as hydrogen peroxide dries very quickly.

Essential oils

You could mix a few drops of essential oils like tea tree /Rosemary/lavender/pine/peppermint with a small volume of water and apply to your armpits. Essential oils fight bacteria and are fragrant.

Citrus fruits

Did you know that citrus fruits such as lemons can change the pH value of your skin? Bacteria of any kind, even the ones which cause foul smells cannot survive in this acidic environment! So, go ahead, cut a lemon, dab it on your armpit and pat dry!

Baking soda

Dust some baking soda on your armpits, feet, neck and any other odour-causing area in your body. Baking soda can absorb moisture and kill the bacteria which causes odour.

Apart from these home remedies, make sure you consume a lot of green, leafy vegetables such as spinach. Spinach contains chlorophyll which has powerful deodorizing effect on the body.

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