Tips for Creating the Perfect Smoky Eye Look

So, you are thinking about making a bold and sensuous look at your next wedding function? Then get ready to floor your fiance with your smokey eyes. Smokey eyes have a mystifying and enigmatic appeal to them. They give you an aura of smouldering sex appeal. So, here are some tips which will help you create that beautiful and perfect smokey eyes.

Choose your colours

A smokey eye look can be created only with layering of different colours. Some of the commonly used colours include brown, grey and black. You can experiment a little and try out some other colours as well. Whatever the colour combination may be, you must include a dark shade, a medium shade and a light one too. Always combine shimmer and matte to get the best results. Always start off with matte and then slowly add the shimmer effect as a finishing touch.

Pick out your brushes

For creating smokey eyes, you will need three kinds of brushes. A large brush for your eyeshadow, a medium one and an angle brush as well. Always remember, never use one brush for two colours. The result would be disastrous and you would end up mixing shades in your make up kit as well.

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What all you need?

Besides brushes and eyeshadow, you also require an eye pencil, preferably black. You will also need an eye lash curler, black mascara and last but not the least a foundation that matches your skin tone. Keep a few tissues and wet wipes handy, along with a bowl full of water. In case you end up making a mistake, you should wipe away the makeup with a tissue and then splash some water on your eyes. If an eyeshadow accidentally gets into your eye, do not panic. Just splash some clean water and you will be good to go.

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  • Begin by preparing your eye lids. Apply some foundation on your eyelids and some powder to set it. This is important as it will give a smooth base to your eyeshadow and help your makeup stay on for longer. It is best to use a cream based foundation or a primer.
  • Use a pencil to line up your upper lash. It is best to go for black or grey colour. Always work your pencil from inside to out. Draw a thicker line in the middle of the lid.
  • Here is the key to get that smokey look. Use a cotton swab or an eyeliner brush to smudge your lash lines.
  • If you don’t have a pencil, then simply dip the angle brush in a black eye shadow and carefully draw a line.
  • After this, take your light shade (preferably cream based) eyeshadow and sweep it over your lid and into the crease of your eyes.
  • Then take your medium and dark shade powdered eyeshadow, and blend them on the base coat. Always blend the colour in up and outwards motion.
  • Now is your time to use that eyeshadow brush to blend in all the colours.
  • Apply the highlighter to add some shimmer effect.
  • Also, it is a good idea to dust some light and neutral shade of eyeshadow over your browbone as well.
  • Finish off your smokey looks with two perfect coats of black mascara.

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Additional tips

Darker shades look awesome on dusky brides. But, fairer girls should opt for softer colours. Don’t hesitate to experiment at home before zeroing in on a look. Try out plum, green and blue shades for the electrifying look. If your makeup smudges a little, use your fingers to clear it out. Using a brush will mess it up even more. Be careful while applying shimmer as it is extremely difficult to camouflage it.

Now you know that creating that hot smokey eye look at home is quite easy and simple. So, get ready to flaunt your wonderfully sensuous and smokey eyes at your next function.


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