These Kiwis could fly

In Part 4 of our ongoing series, we look at New Zealand's highest impact makers in ODIs

Not surprisingly, Hadlee is the top impact maker from his country.

To help us overlook the mediocre New Zealand competition in the current series being played in West Indies, we travel to New Zealand to put its entire ODI cricket history under the Impact Index scanner.

From 1973 to 2012 (before the current series in West Indies), New Zealand played 620 matches and won 268 with a win-loss ratio of 0.85.  Their highest score is 402, lowest 64. They have never won the World Cup, not even reached the final once till date (though they probably should have in 1999). In 2000 though, they did win the ICC Champions Trophy.

We present three lists – of players, batsmen and bowlers. The minimum qualification to be on these lists is to have played 75 matches. A match is considered in this system only when there is a result, and if the player has bowled or batted, as the case may be.

Here are the highest impact ODI players in New Zealand’s history.



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