The Test India should finally ace

A preview of the India-Australia Test Series like no other – through Impact Index

But before that, Impact Index simply explained

Imagine being able to give marks out of 5 (up to 2 decimal points) to every performance in a cricket match
by looking at a scorecard. Now, imagine doing that to every scorecard in cricket history. Then, imagine
that those marks are not given subjectively (or whimsically) but are actually measured objectively only
from the information in the scorecard.

You don’t have to imagine any more – because Impact Index is actually doing this. By devising a system
that measures every performance in a match as a ratio of the other 21 performances in the same match.
Thereby taking into account most intangibles hitherto impossible to calculate (like pressure absorbed by a
batsman), and coming up with the impact a player had on the match.

Making Impact Index the most holistic and objective cricket statistics system in the world today. In a very
simple form – everything is reduced to just a number between 0 and 5*. That’s how straightforward it is.

* When a career number goes below 0, or above 5, it means the player has performed below, or above, the
standards of the matches he has played in, taken cumulatively, in that parameter.


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