The Test India should finally ace

A preview of the India-Australia Test Series like no other – through Impact Index


It seems to all come down to experience eventually. The good news for India is that the stalwarts have
been delivering lately (even though the most high profile one has been bogged down by a meaningless
personal milestone lately). The only bowling stalwart is yet to show signs of full fitness. It may be too
much for the younger men in the Indian team to take the onus in this historic series. It is the last time the
constituents of the most famous batting line-up the country has ever seen play in Australia – it is also the
last away series they will perhaps play individually, let alone as a unit.

As one country ends an era, the other one perhaps begins one, or at least attempts to. Australia’s
stalwarts have been struggling lately. Their younger colleagues have covered up for them lately and will
need to do so again, emphatically, if they are to compete.

Impact Index feels the beginning might just determine the fate of this series. If India, very
uncharacteristically, take the early advantage – they could run away very quickly with this series and
make it a one-sided affair (however unprecedented it may be for India Down Under). If Australia take the
early advantage and India have to play catch-up, it might make for a more engaging and even series. Even
then, Australia will do very well to not lose this series - that is our assessment.

Boxing Day is an apt day for this series to begin.


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