The Test India should finally ace

A preview of the India-Australia Test Series like no other – through Impact Index

By Jaideep Varma & Jatin Thakkar

The story of this India-Australia series could be as much about the players who fight it out in the middle as
about those who are missing.

Australia’s highest impact Test player of the last 2 years is missing. As is, bizarrely, India’s.

Shane Watson, with an IMPACT of 3.06 is Australia’s highest impact Test player in the last two years
(minimum 5 Tests). India’s highest impact player in the same period is Praveen Kumar – he has played all
his 6 Tests this year, and his IMPACT has been a highly impressive 3.81.

Even Rahul Dravid, who has an IMPACT of 2.36 in 2011, has had a lower impact than him this year.
Kumar’s absence is a huge loss to the Indian team, as big as it was when he had to drop out of the World
Cup earlier this year – if India can cope as well as they did then, they would have done very well. A great
deal of their challenge would lie in the hands (or rather, hamstring) of Zaheer Khan – India’s highest impact
player in the current squad in the last 2 years (minimum 5 Tests).

To do an analysis of the two teams, let’s first look at the likely teams for the first Test on Boxing Day.
These are their Impact Index sheets of the 22 players, squad-by-squad, for the last two years, on various


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