The Singular Sehwag

Greg Chappell on the 'lovable rogue'

Former India coach Greg Chappell shares a torrid history with the country's cricket establishment. Here, in the pages of The Hindu, the Aussie minces no words in deconstructing the Virender Sehwag enigma, calling the opener a 'lovable rogue' who is not going to mend his languid off-field ways for either expanding his prodigious skills, or even for the biggest crown in Indian cricket - the team's captaincy.

To say that Viru was one of the great frustrations of my time with the team is an understatement. Sadly, he continues to disappoint and is in danger of squandering his God-given talent. The person who is least likely to be fazed by all of this is Virender himself.

What I soon learned about him was that Viru did not want to dedicate himself to taking his talent to its zenith. He was happy to turn up and play and accept what came his way. No amount of cajoling from me could shift him from his insouciant way.