Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina - Jammin thru India

The day before departure

Some last-minute maintenance on sanDRina, bowing to the gods and a good night's sleep!

Conducting a Satyanarayan Puja at my parents' home the day before I hit the road.

I'm glad I got all my packing done yesterday as today was busy with welcoming relatives for a Satyanarayana Puja at my parents' home in Chennai. In the morning, I realized that I had messed up with sanDRina's valve clearance check in Cape Town and set about adjusting that to the specs in the maintenance manual. My uncle (pedanaina) from my mom's village had come to town for the puja and I was so happy that he could help me with the valve job. You see, he was the person in my life who encouraged me as a child to tinker by taking things apart and learning how to put them back together. He only studied up to class 8 but learnt how to repair borewell pumps and tractors on the farm. My desire to study mechanical engineering in the US all started with my pedanaina and childhood holidays spent on the farm.    

Last minute maintenance. Re-doing sanDRina's valve clearance check with my uncle.

After the Satyanarayana Puja, I got the pujari to bless sanDRina and our journey through India. I'm not sure how long the flower garlands will stay on but it should help me in case I get pulled over by the cops. We cracked a coconut and squeezed lemons under the tires. All set with blessings from the gods!

I got the pujari to bless sanDRina and our journey. I prayed to the motorcycle gods!

Now, for a good night's sleep and the start of the journey tomorrow...

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The Man. The Machine. The Story

There are love stories and love stories, but none tugs more at the heart than a tale of infinite departure. In March 2010, Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina, his beloved Suzuki DR650, left on a great journey back home to India. Jay quit his secure corporate job, sold his Chicago townhouse and every household possession, and left with sanDRina on a journey that saw them through 94,933 km, 32 countries, and 1,150 days on the road through the Global South -- from the USA through Latin America and Africa, heading towards India. At the core of this seemingly mindless pursuit was Jay’s desire to raise awareness about sustainability and a unique sentiment best described by an archaic Greek term, eudaimonia – the search for things that are true, good and beautiful. 

Homecoming isn’t complete unless you experience the country you call home in all her varied terrain and temperaments. And so Jay and sanDRina will embark on a journey of discovery through India. 

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