Evidence that Meiyappan is the Chennai team owner

Gurunath Meiyappan

The latest statement from the CSK camps beggars belief. Here it is in full:


May 24, 2013

India Cements clarifies that Mr. Gurunath Meiyappan is neither the Owner, nor CEO / Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings.  Mr. Gurunath is only one of the Members (Honorary) of the Management Team of Chennai Super Kings.

India Cements follows zero tolerance policy and if anyone is proved guilty, strict action will be taken immediately.  India Cements assures full co-operation with BCCI and the Law Enforcement authorities.

TS Raghupathy
Executive President
The India Cements Ltd.

The trouble with this statement is that is seems to be a brazen attempt by the CSK management (led by N. Srinivasan) to disassociate themselves from Meiyappan. Unfortunately for them, there's plenty of evidence proving Meiyappan was indeed the the team principal cum owner of the team.

Let's begin with Meiyappan's Twitter profile: (Here is also the cached link because the profile has been updated)

Here are cached screenshots from CSK's official website where Meiyappan is mentioned as the team owner.

Evidence 1:

Evidence 2:

Evidence 3:

Here is a video of Meiyappan leading the Chennai Super Kings against the Rajasthan Royals in an owner's match. The operative word here is "owner", not "honorary" or "member" or "management team". And mind you, this is footage from the official broadcaster.

[Update] What about this tweet from the official CSK account?

And this video on the official IPL channel?

And finally, here is the team owner's all-access pass for the whole Srinivasan family:

What does all this mean? It means the following things.

CSK officially disowning Meiyappan means there may be hard evidence of him being involved in illegal activities. What else could prompt the Srinivasan-run India Cements to chuck out one of its own family members? A team owner involved in cricket betting is as bad as it can get for the IPL.

It means that while Meiyappan had been heavily involved with CSK's management, the CSK management will now feed us evidence to the contrary. Whether anyone will buy their evidence is another matter.

It means that despite their so-called "zero-tolerance" stance, Srinivasan (and by association, the BCCI, the IPL and the CSK) continues to co-exist with corruption and to bend rules and regulations to do as he pleases.

It also means Camp Srinivasan lacks a moral compass and a sense of fairplay. It is time Srinivasan resigned from his positions as an administrator in Indian cricket and be investigated for acts of corrupting the sport.