A summer workout that’ll leave you feeling refreshed

Temperatures are high, the monsoon is on its way and practicing yoga under the open skies is becoming more and more difficult. Here are some tips to help you practice yoga comfortably in the summer season.

Practicing yoga in the summerPracticing yoga in the summerLets face it. With the scorching sun overhead casting its fierce gaze upon us, we’re all inclined to skipping our workout sessions and relaxing indoors. We have for you, these simple, quick fixes to your yoga sessions that will make them more effortless and relaxing this summer.

Tips to practice yoga comfortably in the summer

Chill out!

Working out and building up a sweat when it’s already scorching sounds exceedingly undesirable. But who said you can’t practice yoga indoors? Turning on the AC while practising yoga is not an issue unless you feel too cold. The important thing is to stay as comfortable as possible while practicing asanas and breathing exercises.

Dress appropriately

Choosing the correct outfit for your yoga sessions during the summer is important. Getting comfortable and breathable cotton clothes is preferred. Also, summer means you can wear those shorts and sleeveless tops you’ve been waiting to try out. So make sure your clothes are conducive to working out in the summer.

Get the best out of your workout

Ask your yoga instructor about the ‘locust pose’. This is a refreshing mind-body exercise that helps to keep your body cool in the summer, along with its other benefits.

Another recommended yoga practice is to try out the ‘sheetali pranayama’. Essential and wondrously beneficial in cooling the body, this breathing exercise is simple and easy-to-do.

Sheetkari pranayam’, a breathing technique that involves hissing helps you resist your thirst and is of great use especially if you are stranded without water.

The shavasana or the corpse pose, one of the easiest poses in yogasanas, is a great way to relax the body, calm down tired, frazzled nerves and have a cooling effect on the nadis (yoga term for channels in the body that carry the life force).

Slow down

Keep your workout sessions to a maximum of 45 minutes this summer. It is important to limit your body’s activity, especially during extreme temperatures. Avoid heavy exercising and cut down sessions into small ones.

Food and drink

Another important point is to stay hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you always and suck on some sugar candy if you suffer from hypotension.

Opt for fresh fruit juices instead of sodas and fizzy drinks. Have light, frequent meals throughout the day and avoid oily and spicy foods.

Be summer-safe

Wear a hat or tie a scarf around your head. Avoid staying out in the sun for prolonged periods. Wear loose, comfortable cotton clothing and avoid anything that’s too tight and wont allow your skin to breathe.

Add essential oils to your bath for a relaxing, blissful feeling that lingers throughout the day. Light aromatherapy candles in your workout room. Lavender and peppermint are the best for summers.

Photograph via sxc.hu

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