The Staple: Cargo Pants

This is not the cargo of the yesteryears: bulky and shapeless. Rather, it is slimmer, light weight and as utilitarian as ever before!

1 Outdoorsy
How to wear it "Green gives a safari wear look," says designer Anita Dongre of AD Man. "Boots add a dash of masculinity and a solid look to the khakis. Go for a standard chisel toe or an oval boot. Both brown and black colours work," says celebrity stylist Prasad Bidapa.

2 Weekend warrior
How to wear it "try a simple polo or a t-shirt worn inside the denim jacket to create an overall relaxed look," says Bidapa. Apart from ankle-length sneakers, try out Converse loafers . "It can be paired with a short denim blazer, a denim cotton or linen waistcoat or just a t-shirt," adds Dongre.

3 Office wear
How to wear it "If you want to make an impression at your workplace, this look works extremely well for office or business meetings," says Bidapa. "If you want to add a dash of casual look to this, you can pair cargos with a white shirt and slip on a black pullover, teamed up with black loafers," he adds.

4 Keep it casual

How to wear it "Khakis and grey cargos are versatile so they look great with almost any colour," says fashion designer Rocky S. "Avoid tucking a shirt in with a pair of canvas shoes. Checks with cargo make for a superb mix and slippers can be acceptable only when worn in summers," adds Dongre.

5 Semi-formal
How to wear it It's simple yet classy. You cannot go wrong with brown pullover, grey cargos and brown shoes. "Keep patterns only in shirts and tees and try to avoid an overtly busy clash of pattern and colours," says Rocky S. "But if you're confi dent enough to experiment, you can opt for more colours," adds Dongre.


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