Srinivasan is an autocrat: Manohar

Manohar: Srinivasan has no right to continue as president

Former BCCI President Shashank Manohar has lashed out at N.Srinivasan, calling him an autocrat, saying that he should have resigned the day his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested.

"If you had the slightest of conscience, self esteem and care for the board, you ought to have put in your papers the moment your son-in-law was arrested. You did nothing, and as a result the board's reputation has taken a hit to the extent that people have lost faith in this board”, Manohar said in an interview to Mumbai Mirror.

Manohar who served as the BCCI president between 2008 and 2011, added that there was plenty of evidence to prove that Meiyappan was part of the Chennai Super Kings management.

“The BCCI must ask him a simple question — how come a person who denies having any association with his son-in-law tells the media that he is just an enthusiast. This kind of statement is only laugh worthy. There are thousands of enthusiasts who do all acts for Chennai Super Kings. His counsel argued that Srinivasan did not choose his son-in-law and his daughter did. The person who cannot defend his own family member has no right to say that I would take the responsibility. He has taken no responsibility”, Manohar said.

The Nagpur-based lawyer, added that he was approached by members to contest the elections for the post of BCCI president.

“Many people, including Mr.Dalmiya, requested me that I should come back and contest. I left this board two years back and I've not entered the board's premises again. I've no intentions to come back. The members have said the board's reputation has suffered and I should make a comeback. I said if all the board members want me, I would not shirk the responsibility. This board has given me a lot and I was willing to give something back to it.”

Blaming Srinivasan for sullying the image of the BCCI, Manohar made it clear that Srinivasan did not deserve to continue as the president.

“Srinivasan has no right to continue as president. This board has been built over the years by people like Dalmiya, Bindra, Scindia, Muttiah, Pawar and the reputation of the board has been damaged by this man in a span of four months”.

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May 28 — BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale and two judges, Justice T Jayaram Chouta and Justice R Balasubramanian are appointed in the three-man probe.
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