Spot-fixing row: Arnab Goswami takes moral responsibility, resigns as Times Now Editor

Times Now editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami, in a surprising move, has decided to put in his papers on moral grounds as N Srinivasan, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President refuses to give in to the relentless media pressure and resign from his post following his son-in-law’s alleged involvement in the spot-fixing scandal.

Notwithstanding the vehement media follow-up for the past two weeks on the spot-fixing row, the BCCI president refuses to budge. This has stunned many in the Indian media who did not expect the BCCI chief to continue for so long. Some of the news channels who have been persistently demanding Srinivasan’s resignation have decided to give the spot-fixing scandal coverage a break and bring back focus on corruption charges against the United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) ministers.

However Goswami was too proud to continue as the editor-in-chief and hence resigned to claim the moral responsibility for the media’s apparent failure to bounce out Srinivasan. He now hopes that his resignation will act as a precedent for the rest of the journalists in the country. Goswami, during his daily prime time show, The News Hour made the startling announcement. In a poignant address to the nation, Goswami said, “In the past Times Now, in the face of many adversities, has successfully exposed many corruption cases harming the country. However, this man (Srinivasan) is not willing to budge despite relentless pressure by our reporters. As the country’s number one news channel, it is our moral responsibility as a channel to bring justice to the people of this great nation for we consider ourselves as the guardians of justice when everything else fails to deliver.”

“As an editor-in-chief, I have realized that sitting in a TV studio in Mumbai, yelling at the camera, asking for Srinivasan’s resignation has yielded nothing. Perhaps Srinivasan might have been happy just changing the channel and watch some other crappy news channels. Even a six-year-old won’t succumb to the pressure of other news channels even if they screamed on their prime time shows, asking school kids to do their homework. ”

“Anyways with this, I read my final news statement to the nation - I promise not to return to Times Now in capacity as an anchor or an editor or a journalist till Srinivasan resigns as the BCCI President. The nation deserves to know when it will happen. Whenever that happens, I assure that your channel, Times Now will be the first to break the news.  And it won’t be long after Srinivasan vacates his chair that I shall occupy mine. The time is now. Thank you everyone for watching Times Now. Good night.”

(The above is a satirical piece)