Soon, astronauts could print provisions in space courtesy 3-D printer

Washington, August 14 (ANI): Space Agency, NASA, is planning to send a 3-D printer to the International Space Station in June, when the fifth SpaceX supply mission is scheduled.

In a video published on Monday, the agency said that a functional 3-D printer is going to help astronauts keep a steady supply of all the little parts that are needed to keep the 15-year-old station in working order without having to deliver or find storage space for replacements, CNN reported.

NASA astronaut Timothy "T.J." Creamer said in the video that the 3-D printing is providing them with the ability to do their own 'Star Trek' replication right there on the spot.

The agency will load software for items it knows that the astronauts will need onto the printer but will also be able to upload new ones from Earth if necessary. (ANI)


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