Smartphones + Flickr app + Monsoon = Mega Sharing Fun!

Use the Flickr app for Smartphones and capture the glory of the monsoon as it rolls into your sky. Then share it with our Flickr group!

The monsoon has finally rolled in to the southern coast of India, putting an end to the scorching heat of summer. Aren't you inspired? 

Step out, look out for the first drop of monsoon rain in your neighbourhood, and capture the magic moment with your smartphone camera. We're looking for interesting, dramatic and unusual compositions. The best photographs chosen by our editors will be featured in Yahoo! India's Travel Galleries, exposing your work to millions of Yahoo! users. 

Do observe these rules: 

RULE #1: Use the Flickr app for your smartphone to post your photos. See this link for more information: Flickr on your mobile

RULE #2: Once you download the Flickr app (and get a Flickr account, duh!), join the group The Great Monsoon Smartphone Photo Challenge - Flickr App only (yeah, long name, but you get the drift!) 

RULE #3: Add your monsoon photograph to the above Group Pool

Enable location services on your Flickr smartphone app and include the location when you add the picture

Add a title and description to your uploaded photograph

All photos must be your original work. Plagiarised works will not be accepted and accounts found plagiarizing copyrighted photographs will be removed from this group.

Ensure that your photos are not resized before you upload them. Photos should be in a minimum of 1024x768 resolution

Make sure your photos are set to be downloadable. This is very important. We cannot publish photos that do not obey this rule.

Avoid watermarking your photos or adding unnatural special effects. If you are concerned about copyright and misuse of your photos, you may add a small credit at the bottom right-hand corner of your photograph. In any case, we will link published photos back to your Flickr photostream so that you benefit from the traffic.

That's all! Now, it's over to you. The rainclouds are calling! Step outside and watch out for lightning!

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