Sick of bad taxis in Thailand? Report them using these 2 apps

If you live in Bangkok, one of life’s most annoying problems is getting around. People in the city rely heavily on taxis. Catching a cab can be almost impossible at times, and once you find one, bad taxi drivers are prevalent both for Thais and foreigners.

On September 1, 2012, a law went into effect saying if a taxi refuses to pick up passengers, it’s considered one of 13 traffic violations that a driver can be immediately fined for. But that’s not the only problem. Issues with taxi drivers in Thailand range from a driver being just plain rude to charging passengers fake meter fees to taking unnecessary detours.

If you are sick of the problems and don’t want to just complain through your personal channels, vent via these apps so hopefully, at least, your voice can be heard by people who can do something about it.

Taxi Reporter


Taxi Reporter is a hub for taxi passengers to report problems. It aggregates the comments and passes them to Thailand’s department of Land Transportation. Taxi Reporter is available on iOS and Android. Users can check-in, take down the license number of the cab they are in, and share the feedback with the app users and their friends on Facebook. Although the app is in Thai, the navigation is in English, so non-Thai speakers can also participate in reporting bad taxis.

Thai Taxi Complaint

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Similar to Taxi Reporter, Thai Taxi Complaint is an app that allows users to report on taxis, buses, and vans. The application allows users to check in while they enter a cab. The check-in can automatically publish to Twitter and Facebook to alert friends and family where you are. It claims that “You can feel safe that if anything happens, your friends know where you are and what taxi you are in.” The app has a user rating feature with a simple thumbs up or down. There’s also an interactive map to find the areas that have good taxis and areas where it could be difficult to get one. Thai Taxi Complaint is available on both iOS and Android.

We hope these two apps can help Bangkokians navigate through Bangkok a little easier. If all else fails, call the Department of Land Transport directly at 1584.

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