Shastri voted most popular commentator at the IPL

Sidhu gets the lowest ratings

Ravi ShastriHe’s accused of being banal, clichéd and of toeing the company line. But the larger cricket-viewing public doesn’t seem to mind. They have voted Ravi Shastri the best among the IPL TV expert and commentators during the Yahoo! Cricket IPL Public Perception Survey. [See all results]

Of the 15 commentators and panel experts at the IPL, Shastri received the highest percentage (30.5%) of votes as the best of the lot. He also received 3.2% votes from those who thought him the worst, giving him an overall tally of 27.3%. He is nearly 10% votes ahead of Harsha Bhogle in the second spot.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was one of the panel experts for the IPL, bore the brunt of the voters. He received the maximum number of votes (34.4%) in the poll for the worst commentator/expert at the IPL. He was miles ahead of the second-placed Ajay Jadeja (11.7%), who the voters surprisingly chose to punish despite his measured tone and reliable views.

A huge majority of the voters — 74% — said the quality of commentary in the IPL was either “good” or “very good.”Only 6.6% said it was “poor” or “very poor.”

Most oddly, the voters said they were comfortable with the product plugs which jar the sensibilities of some viewers during in the IPL commentary. An incredible 41.9% said they actually liked product mentions such as “Citi Moment” and “Karbon Kamaal” in the commentary. Only 28% said they didn’t like it. The rest said these didn’t matter to them.

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