Share Your Favourite Sachin Moment

We'll celebrate the little master's career as he walks into the sunset.

Sachin Tendulkar's life and career has been recounted many, many times by all of us. His performances have showered untold happiness on a nation that had known little sporting glory before him. As he steps into the sunset, we'll recall all our favourite stories of the little genius from Bandra.

Was it slogging Warne into the stands at Chepauk? Or the waltz down the pitch to McGrath before a thunderous hit in Nairobi? The that Hero Cup semifinal at the Eden? The bravado despite the bloody nose in Faisalabad? The monstrous pull off Caddick that disappeared out of Durban? The brute square-cut off Shoaib at Centurion?

Did he inspire you in some way, motivate you in overcoming a real-life challenge? Did he ever shake hands and pose for a photograph with you? Did you hug absolute strangers in delight at some match where he thrilled you with his shots? Did you miss an exam or a meeting while you were watching him bat?

Tell us all about your Sachin memories as we celebrate the great man's life one more time. You can post your thoughts in the comments below or mail us at We will republish the best of your dispatches.