Seven Habits of Highly Successful Losers

Paddy Upton on turning losses into wins.

Paddy Upton steeled India through their victorious World Cup 2011 campaign.

Failure in sport has the immediacy of a report card and more often than not transpires before a vicarious audience. Dealing with it requires a special process, not necessarily one involving a splintered bat on a dressing room table. Mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton, who steeled India through their victorious 2011 World Cup campaign, writes out the seven tenets of handling humiliating losses in the public sphere and using them to fuel success. Upton's method of acceptance, reflection, preparation and commitment just may save the career of a belligerent tyro struggling with form - provided he's kind enough to read through all of it.

1.  Feel the feeling – find it in your body, acknowledge it, and watch it subside.
2.  Accept the result – it‘s part of sport and life. Assess the processes later.
3.  Gain perspective – it’s just a game. Losing hardly ever impacts the meaningful things in life.
4.  Support others – self-focus sinks, helping others uplifts.
5.  Reflect on preparation – what did you do well, what can you do better next time?
6.  Reflect on the event – what did you do well, what will you do differently next time?
7.  Commit to action – write it down, commit to action, ask for support.