Sea levels can rise more than 80 centimetres during 21st century

Melbourne, August 20 (ANI): A leaked draft of a landmark climate change report prepared for the UN has revealed that sea levels of the world could increase more than 80 centimetres this century.

The draft also revealed that the world is on track to become up to five degrees hotter.

There is also 95 percent likelihood that changes that are being observed globally are being driven by human greenhouse gas emissions, reported.

But while many forecasts have hardened, the certainty over some of the impacts of global warming has gone down, with scientists having difficulty in predicting some local effects such as regional changes in rainfall, drought and wild weather.

The final version of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report that is going to be covering the expected effects of climate on Australia in coming decades, is scheduled to be release in the coming month of September. (ANI)


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