Republicans must change everything and stop being 'stupid party', says Bobby Jindal

Washington, Jan. 25 (ANI): Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has called on Republicans to take an axe to the federal government.

In a speech to members of the Republican National Committee, Jindal suggested 're-thinking nearly every social program in Washington'.

According to a copy of the speech obtained in advance by POLITICO, he said that 'if any rational human being were to create our government anew, today, from a blank piece of paper - we would have about one fourth of the buildings we have in Washington and about half of the government workers'.

He added that they would replace most of its bureaucracy with a handful of good websites."

According to the report, Jindal, an all-but-declared 2016 candidate for president, prodded leaders to help "recalibrate the compass of conservatism."

He said that the Republican Party was a populist party and need to make that clear.

He said that 'Washington has spent a generation trying to bribe our citizens and extort our states,' adding that as Republicans, it's time to quit arguing around the edges of that corrupt system."

He called repeatedly for a reorienting of the party's focus from the Beltway to state capitols.

Jindal has worries that the GOP is becoming a party obsessed with austerity more than growth and focused too much on trying to "manage" government better than Democrats.

He called the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and vice president Joe Biden's gun control task force "sideshow traps" that distract from bigger issues.

According to the report, the speech ended with a call for Republicans to make seven changes, including: stop looking backward, compete for every single vote ("the 47 percent and the 53 percent"), reject identity politics, stop being "the stupid party" and "stop insulting the intelligence of voters." (ANI)


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