Raina's 'nephew' lands him in a soup

Suresh Raina found himself in the middle of a controversy following a provocative tweet that emerged from his Twitter account post Pakistan's exit from the World Twenty20.

India’s limited overs mainstay Suresh Raina got himself embroiled in a controversy last night, all from the confines of his own home.

It all started when a tweet emerged from Raina’s verified Twitter account that said this

Twitter has already contributed to the downfall of several big names from the cricket world (Lalit Modi and Kevin Pietersen are just two examples) and this time too, the micro-blogging site was at the centre of what could be mildly described as an inappropriate reaction from a national cricketer.

Twitter users were quick to latch on to the post and the immediate feedback might have prompted Raina to delete the tweet. The damage however had been done and screenshots of the post swiftly made the rounds to those who had missed it.

Suresh Raina did attempt some damage control this morning, attributing the provocative tweet to his nephew who apparently had got hold of his smartphone -

@ImRaina : Smart phones r dangerous. Discovered it last night after my nephew posted random tweets. I'm a sportsman and would never disrespect.

@ImRaina : Though I already deleted it, I felt its better to clarify. To all those who r upset, I'm sorry. I'm not one to show disrespect.

As expected, the move backfired, with people questioning the truth behind his excuse and also pointing out that there was just a difference of two minutes between that tweet and the next one about him looking forward to joining the Chennai Super Kings for the Champions League.

Raina’s response spawned a deluge of tweets from Twitter users poking fun at the middle-order batsman and his ‘nephew’.  It even prompted a spoof account for the so-called nephew.

Here are some of the more hilarious responses on Twitter:

Raina's excuse worse than his gaffe?Raina's Nephew ‏@Raina_Nephew: Since it is time for revelations... I was responsible for the JFK bullet as well

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats: Suresh Raina's favorite mythological character must be Kamsa. He also had big problems with his nephew.

IbneBattuta ‏@Ibnebattuta: Meanwhile inspired by @ImRaina Dhoni is on the look out for a Nephew excuse for the T20 eviction.

Fake IPL Player ‏@_fakeiplplayer: If Suresh Raina's thumb is his nephew, what is Virat Kohli's middle finger to him?

Raheel Khursheed ‏@Raheelk: 'My nephew slept with the maid.' Shiny Ahuja