Pune suspend Mishra, deny graft charges

Mishra said in a media release that he had casually engaged the journalists "to develop his value."

Mishra in action in IPL 2010. One of the five cricketers suspended by the BCCI today, Mohnish Mishra of the Pune Warriors has admitted that he spoke to India TV’s journalist posing as an IPL player agent. The Sahara-owned Warriors suspended Mishra today.

Mishra said he had casually engaged with the journalists “to develop his value”. The talented right-handed batsman from Madhya Pradesh was caught on camera haggling the terms of a possible transfer to the Mumbai Indians squad.

In a media release, Warriors owner Sushanto Roy said, "We strongly condemn his irresponsible conduct and are suspending him with immediate effect till further investigation happens. He will not take any further part in the IPL."

"We appreciate the stand taken by BCCI and welcome the step of suspending Mohnish Mishra."

A statement by Mishra was also sent to the media along with Sahara's release. In it, Mishra admitted he had made some statements on camera "casually".

Sahara's statement said, Mishra had made the statements "to develop his value or may be he wanted to be pompous in front of others during the course of discussion and that he has not received any amount in cash from Sahara."

"He has apologised for his frivolous and incorrect statements."

"We once again reiterate that Sahara has never paid any amount in cash or otherwise to Mohnish Mishra or any other player, over and above the maximum amount permissible by BCCI for any such player and neither do we believe in this practice of giving black money," said Roy.